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I can't believe this, but I will post this publicly to shame myself for being such an idiot.

Step 1 when putting your tires back on the car, be sure that you put the proper tire on the proper end. I had the driver's side tires switched, front on the rear and rear on the front. The passenger side was fine, so with a 17" on one rear and 18" on the other things go haywire......

This was an expensive screw up..

News from the dealer

Chris Hammond

So, this week just got really expensive, and I haven't even left for Topeka yet! $4-500 for the St. Louis dealer, plus $$ to get the rear control arms replaced, though I am going to have the control arms replaced by Superior Chevy out in Meriam Kansas because they can do it Thursday morning and they are SCCA Folk, I trust them way more than the local guys to get me corrected properly.

A big thanks to Jeff Kopp out there at Superior for helping me out. I'll post more later after I get over the fact that I'm going to be dropping another $2k into John's car! :)


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