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To the dealer she goes

Chris Hammond

A few hours from now (5-6) I hope to have the car at a local Chevy dealer. I will be dropping it off with the hopes that they can get it repaired by Wednesday. I still don't know what the problem with the car is, though I did manage to do some more damage today while trying to tighten up the rear end. I managed to break one of the two bolds in this photo (photo not of my car) the bolt on the bottom left, right in front of the wood blocks, I was trying to tighten things down and snap went the bolt :(

So I finally got someone else to drive the car and confirm that the issue isn't in my head :( Dave drove it and his first comment was "wow" I'm going to jack the car up and see if I can't find something loose in the rear subframe, I hope I find something!

So I found the problem I was having with the ABS/TCS/Active Handling

ABS Wire by you.

That right there used to be two wires, they've been carefully braided together as one....

I went ahead and cut/spliced everything back together, so far the car seems to be fine. I'll order a replacement wire from the dealer Monday morning.

I'm also going to try to get another alignment in the morning, I'm not convinced the alignment from Thursday was correct, we'll see how that goes.


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